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Ways to get to Work in Lockdown When Public Transport is not Easily Accessible

No public transportation allowed, no private vehicle owned, but you have to reach your office. How?

You must be facing the same problem if you are not a part of the 40% privileged workforce who do not work in necessary service sectors and thus, are working from home currently. The current lockdown situation has increased the complications of reaching office manyfold for the essential service providing workforce. 

Traveling through a personal vehicle might seem like the only safe option in these times but a major section of the workforce does not own private vehicles. Other possible choices like car-pooling and ride-pooling are also out of options due to precautionary measures of COVID-19. Public transport restrictions imposed by the government eliminates other traveling alternatives for employees. 

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So the question arises how can you travel to your office without compromising your safety during lockdown restrictions? The answer is Fox Cabs’ corporate employee transportation service. 

Imagine being completely sure to get convenient rides for your office commute during these uncertain times of COVID-19 and lockdown. Seems like a dream in these challenging times, right? But we are turning it into reality. Employee transportation services ensure that your employees reach office on time safely no matter the circumstances. Transportation to staff without any hassle in times like lockdown has become a possibility only because of employee transportation services. 

As this segment of the workforce is working tirelessly even during such distressing times, at least their travel should be worry-free and seamless. The development of technology has certainly helped transportation services in tackling the issues of employee commute. Fax Cabs exploits the benefits of these technologies with the help of automation for making corporate travel convenient, time-saving, safe, and healthy for employees. 

Employee safety and health are the major concerns of work commute during the COVID-19 pandemic. We ensure the safety of employees by taking various precautionary measures. Fully sanitized cabs, medical kits, and a safe distance from others are some of the adopted safety measures. 

Travel during these times may seem like a big burden for employees right now, but we, Fox Cabs are here to save the day. We provide you services of timely pick-up, round trips, one-way trips, and local rentals. We also cover the switching between multiple modes of transportation for your office commute saving time and efforts so that you can focus on work while we take care of your employees’ commute even when no other transportation is available.

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