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Virtual Events: The Untouched Celebration

In the present scenario, most of the businesses are carried out virtually. One need not require to visit another employee physically. Virtual events emerged during the latter part of the 20th century as they have proved to be an effective and economical way of gathering thousands of attendees from all over the world to an event at once. With the advent of technology, the process of organizing a virtual event has lessened to a great extent. It is true that the special effect that is found in-person meetups cannot be replaced by virtual meetups, although they prove to be the safest and convenient means to/for one’s safety. 

The trend of Virtual Events

It is observed that the trend of hosting a Virtual Event has been very vibrant. A person interacts with another person from other parts of the world, via teleconferencing, webinars, Skype, FaceTime, Google Duo, and so on. These meetups, or events, are very systematic and well-organized. 

A person is nothing, without his/her friends and family. Every individual needs interaction with people, though sometimes it is not possible to interact in person. In such a case, Virtual events are the perfect means to connect with your friends living in far-off places.

For business purposes, collaborating with other firms via online meetups plays to be an effective, smooth, and cooperative approach for business entrepreneurs. One can host a workshop, training sessions, huddles, virtual trade shows, etc without any difficulty. 

Will Virtual Event overtake Offline Event?

Hosting an event online is being righteous at this time, but post-pandemic online events may get into risk due to having a lack of people’s face-to-face networking. It’s very important to know a person properly to have any connections and business run by them. Online events do not have the comfort to all of its participants because they have an issue with talking to a camera. At present, there is no other option due to the pandemic but later there will be many opportunities that will make people comfortable. The online events are best for the time being but later there will be many better modes to have them once the pandemic comes in control.   

Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Event

Hosting a video conference can be very beneficial to people. Attendees from all around the world join such meetups for official or for personal use.

  • A virtual conference is not rigid i.e. flexible in design. You can organize a function ensembling the desires of the hosts, participants, as well as speakers. Also, these events provide you with the fluidness of language, level of interaction, monetization choice, and many more. Another advantage of those platforms is that whereas a physical event includes a time-bound period, a virtual event will technically be extended for extended durations at any time with restricted resources. 
  • An online conference is cost-free, not just for organizers, but also for the attendees. You need not have to spend on accommodations, travel, food, and other expenses. The same expenses can be used in getting a good speaker, as well as help you reach a bigger audience.
  • While organizing a physical event, sometimes you may require to restrict the number of members given the geographical and logistical reasons. And when you host a virtual event, you need not worry about this dilemma.
  • By organizing a virtual event, the meetings are not required to cancel due to unexpected climatic conditions, global pandemics, and any other uncertain situations.
  • Accumulating post-event feedback is considered to be a tiresome task in physical events. But in a virtual event, feedbacks for the same are easily collected by sharing the Net Promoter Score surveys after or during the event.

Drawbacks of Hosting a Virtual Event

Though Virtual Meets are considered to be a reliable means to connect with the worldwide population, it has some drawbacks of its own. 

  • These online events help us to reach a wider audience, but it lacks face-to-face networking. These conferences are hosted virtually which does not build a real-time experience. 
  • When an attendee is attending an event from a place of his convenience, there is barely any control over external distractions which may reduce their focus, and take them far away from your event. As a community manager, you may search for ways that will entertain the attendees and keep them engaged and intended towards the event.
  • Participating in a digital meet is restricted to those that area unit tech-savvy or fully-fledged at victimization newer platforms. This, as a result, will limit attendee and audience participation.


Virtual Events are an innovative, adaptable, and incredible way of establishing, monetizing, and engaging a community altogether. It also serves as an effective and economical means to amplify a worldwide community into one, i.e. inclusive of every member from all parts of the world. 

Emphatically, virtual events though proved to be very beneficial and highly prescribed, cannot replace the charm of the physical events. As lockdown eases out on people, they can host their much-awaited and desirable events. But until the scenario is very critical, the virtual events serves to be a safe method ensuring the safety of every individual.

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