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How Use of Technology has Transformed Employee Transportation Industry

It is a renowned fact today that technology has changed the way of our living as well as doing business. Digital transformation in the world of business has turned out to be a must for all the industries and organizations for sustaining in the new highly dynamic business world.

All the processes which were done in traditional pen-paper style prior are now being done with the use of automation and artificial intelligence technology in employee transportation. Even now when most of the companies are promoting work flexibility and remote working in their organizations, there are still millions of commuters who face challenges while traveling. The excessive traffic jams, long queues in Metro, breakdowns, waiting for the bus, etc only add to the unproductive time and irritation in employees. But the use of technology for travel has brought a revolutionary change in the world of corporate travel.

Making Transportation Tech-enabled

The use of automation in transportation systems has helped in reducing commute time drastically. Using automation combined with artificial intelligence, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Cloud technology, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are the major services of digitalization which has helped corporates to make transportation seamless for their employees. These innovative systems can determine the shortest and fastest possible way of reaching a destination using time-deviation and traffic congestion techniques. It also makes the facility of carpooling more effective by aligning employees of the same route together. The demand and supply of the cabs and other transports required is also assessed by the automated technology daily. The anticipated glitches and breakdowns are also predicted by these highly advanced technologies. 

To reap the benefits of these technologies most efficiently, corporates have now started using Employee Transport Management System (ETMS) for employee transportation. The assistance of the GPS enabled tracking system and route navigation in these systems makes the rides trustworthy and safe for the working women. The system of high-speed emergency alerts is also managed with the help of automated and AI technology. This technology also alerts the service providers of transportation about any sort of deviations and changes in route or any illegal activity through notifications. The technology of mobile-based Apps helps transportation service providers to keep their customers updated and constantly in touch with them. The app makes the process of booking, tracking, monitoring of trips even more convenient for customers.

The ETMS, being a leading automation technology used for corporate and employee transportation, creates a whole ecosystem for transportation which is convenient, time-saving, and improved than traditional commutes. It provides employees with a seamless and customized commute to their destinations improving the overall customer experience. 

FoxCabs, being a leading company of corporate employee transportation service and the MICE industry, is entirely committed to providing its customers an extraordinarily comfortable, convenient, and satisfactory user experience by exploiting these unlimited advantages of technology. Digital transformation is a dynamic and never-ending process and we at FoxCabs believe in constantly upgrading ourselves in this tech-savvy world of the future.

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