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Extended Credit Facility for Delayed Payments

Faced with the economic downtime brought by the nation-wide lockdown, the demand for credit facilities has increased immensely. Organizations have witnessed hiring freeze in business and working capital. Around 66% of businesses are battling with the problem of cash crunch due to which the earlier credit facilities of 15 or 30 days does not seem...
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Ways to get to Work in Lockdown When Public Transport is not Easily Accessible

No public transportation allowed, no private vehicle owned, but you have to reach your office. How? You must be facing the same problem if you are not a part of the 40% privileged workforce who do not work in necessary service sectors and thus, are working from home currently. The current lockdown situation has increased...
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How Use of Technology has Transformed Employee Transportation Industry

It is a renowned fact today that technology has changed the way of our living as well as doing business. Digital transformation in the world of business has turned out to be a must for all the industries and organizations for sustaining in the new highly dynamic business world. All the processes which were done...
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